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Jack Cole at Chelsea 

Jack Cole has the ability to create hyper-detailed worlds where things feel just a little “off” and still effortlessly manage those worlds on set when they are populated by teens, ostriches, elves, and DANCING carrots. He understands absurdity and knows that subtlety is funny. Jack Cole's style does not traffic in broad, “bro” comedy, but he will take the joke to the limit and up to the edge of strange. jack was a childhood cartoonist, and youthful graffiti artist, key phases in his development into a master "visualist comedy" filmmaker. Add in a background in still photography, notably referenced in the “Ode to Hill and Adamson” piece he collaborated on for the National Gallery in London for a diverse and unusual skillset.

We love him because his casting choices are just weird enough for the double-take but not enough to freak out clients.

Jack was shortlisted for a Nike Young Directors Award, featured in Shots New Director Reel, and nominated for a short film award at the London Film Festival.

He has worked with brands Reebok, Panasonic, RetailMeNot, Little Caesar’s alongside Droga, Barton F. Graf, Y&R, and more.